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Mobatec was founded in 2005 by Dr.Ir.Mathieu Westerweele and Ir.Jan Laurens. Together they have created the dynamic simulation tooling environment Mobatec Modeller based on a different, dynamic approach of process models.

Our Mission Statement:

“It is our goal to bring this modelling methodology to the world and to teach engineers that modelling can actually be quite easy and very valuable.”

Dr. Ir. Mathieu Westerweele

Process Modelling Expert, Software Developer, Managing Director

During his PhD research project, successfully concluded in april 2003, Mathieu Westerweele and prof. H.A. Preisig developed a methodology for the rapid and systematic construction of consistent dynamic process models.
The thesis “Five Steps for Building Consistent Dynamic Process Models” can be downloaded here. The developed approach has proven itself being very efficient. Models are constructed much faster and also guaranteed to solve structurally and in most cases also numerically.
The implementation of the modelling methodology in Mobatec Modeller has been successfully used for over ten years in an industrial environment, mainly constructing models for operator training simulators. As an example: estimated effort to simulate a very large model of a production plant the time needed for modelling (including tuning of all parts of the model) was cut down by a factor four, as compared to the conventional way of modelling!
From 2006 until 2013 Mathieu has been involved in the Post-Masters design course Process and Product Design (PPD) at the Eindhoven University of Technology. First year coordinator, member of the Scientific Staff and lecturer of the Modelling and Simulation course. From 2013 up to now Mathieu is still involved as lecturer at PPD.
During the 2 year PPD eduction program, students will learn in detail about the latest design methods and gain the ability to apply these effortlessly. Graduate technical engineers are granted the degree ‘Professional Doctorate in Engineering’ (PDEng). The PDEng degree is highly appreciated in the industry, resulting in all graduates having found good jobs in the process and/or product industry, shortly after graduating. More information about the PPD program can be found at the PPD website.

Ir. Jan Laurens

Mathematical, Computer Coding and Thermodynamics Expert, Director

Jan Laurens has been working as model engineer at DSM Research for a period of 17 years. During the last 7 years he was the workgroup leader of the modelling group. After that period he engaged a position as modelling engineer at DSM’s Stamicarbon. Since 1994 he has founded his own company, providing model engineering and model development to customers in industry.
The models Jan developed have been, and still are, used for product and process development, debottlenecking, process optimisation, process control and training&simulation. Besides the knowledge needed on numerical mathematics techniques the modelling activities performed require expert insight in physical and chemical technology.
Essential in this line of work is to translate process knowledge into a mathematical formulation. Over the many years Jan has built up generic applicable expertise as well as specific knowledge of certain processes; separation columns (distillation, absorption etc), polymerisation reactors, particle dryers, pipeline simulation (leakage monitoring), urea/melamine process, mass and heat transfer, thermodynamics and much more. The developed models can be used both for dynamic and steady state simulation.
For use of model building the simulator software package Mobatec LauTrane has been developed by Jan and has been succesfully in use during the past 20 years. Mobatec LauTrane is now fully integrated into the Mobatec Modeller, and still under Jan’s attention for further developments.

Ron Kroos

Business development and Business Management

Personal drive to create long lasting worldwide relationships, and above all: “I love the power of Mobatec!”. To his opinion Mathieu, Jan and the Mobatec team created the best dynamic Modelling environment for chemical processes that is now available on the market. A true privilege to be part of the (ever growing) Mobatec team, they provide great knowledge and solutions for problems no matter what. The Mobatec Modeller provides the basis for all modelling purposes, we want to show that and like to share it with the rest of the world.
“Modelling made easy!” Enjoy the art of modelling and share benefits that go with it, we will help you anyway we can.

Dr. Wouter Hartmann

Senior model engineer and Modelling Consultant

PhD in astrophysics, experienced model engineer in the research and the IT services industry. “Modelling by heart” describes him best, a personal drive in creating the best possible models and providing the best solution for physics research, process development, analysis and testing. Specializations in numerical simulation and model engineering of physical and chemical processes and scientific algorithm development.

MSc. PDEng. Vladimir Obradović

Senior model engineer

Graduated as a Chemical Engineer at the Belgrade University, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy. Immediately Vladimir decided to extend his knowledge and participated and succesfully concluded the Professional Doctorate in Engineering at the Technical University of Eindhoven, with focus to Multi-Phase Reactor modelling. A passion for chemical engineering and with that the design of “the real” dynamic tooling to simulate and build the best possible plants.
“Give me the problem I will create the solution” is what best describes Vladimir.

Miloš Ivanković

Model & Simulation Engineer, Software Support, Web Development

Graduated as a Chemical Engineer at the Belgrade University, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, Miloš was immediately admitted to work for Mobatec.
Beside the talent for mathematical modelling a passion for computer programming and web technologies made him an important member of our team.
Continuous improvements and innovations” is what describes him the best.
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