Distillation column

Distillation Column

Process description:

The separation of two components by distillation is taking place. As shown in the flow sheet, both components are first separated in the distillation column and then sent back to the feed section. Having this process configuration, where first the components are separated and subsequently mixed, is simply due to the main purpose of this pilot plant, which is purely for training and learning.
This distillation unit of the pilot plant consists of four vessels, three heat exchangers, an evaporator, four pumps, pipeline, several valves and controllers.    


The objective of this project was to create a dynamic model of the distillation process with an accuracy of ±5% which would be later connected to the Emerson DeltaV DCS.

Advantages of using Mobatec Modeller:

1. Mobatec Modeller enables you to build the physical topology very quickly and easily with it’s user friendly interfaces.

2. Building column trays with Mobatec Modeller is easy and quick because of its Repetitive Structure feature.

3. Automated generation of Mass and Energy balance eliminates the possibility of errors in balance equations.

4. Base equation objects enables changing equations in multiple places just by click of a button.

5. Impress your managers with fully customizable icons and value displays and enable them to see the power of modelling through engineers eyes with high fidelity real time simulations.

6. Mobatec Modeller makes the code so no programming skills are needed from the user.

7. Mobatec Modeller is compatible with other software, easy export function to any other modelling environment.

8. Built in Thermodynamics calculations.