Distributed Parameter System Modelling

Distributed Parameter System Modelling

Reactor Convective & Dispersive Mass & Heat transfer phenomena

Modelling distributed parameter systems was never this easy! Use Mobatec Modeller to make custom equation based distributed parameter systems dynamic models. Open and visual modelling architecture of Mobatec Modeller provides you with the tools, to create and control every step of PDE’s solving strategy. Numerical methods used to solve PDE’s are no “black box” in Mobatec Modeller. You have the power to create and physically visualise the numerical method you desire to use. You will always and immediately obtain a well posed PDE problem since you do not have to code your equations any more! Write the equations almost as on the paper and just add them to the desired topological part of the model.


Your hands are no longer tied together when it comes to model initialization which can turn to be troublesome in the conventional software – model initialization is done manually in Mobatec Modeller and each point of each distributed domain is easy accessible and can be initialised alone, or at the same time as all other points.


Having problems with model convergence?! With Mobatec Modeller your hands are free and you can decide which type of Numerical Boundary Condition (formulation) you want to use for any used discretization method. Whit this level of freedom you will make almost any model to converge and get the results out of the model loosing no accuracy!

Space Domain Discretization in Mobatec Modeller
Space domain discretization is done exactly like on the above illustration, “Draw while discretizing, no coding required”. Each discretization point will be one system added by the user. Any system can exchange variable value information with any other system.

Making multi level models was never this easy! As each model part has its topological place in the model, adding more levels can be as easy as copy & paste!

Multi Level Coupled Models in Mobatec Modeller

Reactor-Axial, Spherical-Radial, Sperical-MicroR catalytic pellet sub model

1 Level 2D Models in Mobatec Modeller

Reactor Axial-Radial distributed model

Technology prospective – space discretization methods

Finite Difference Methods derivatives approx. of univariate functions
Replacing the derivatives in equations with finite difference approx.

3D Dynamic Plotting Interface

Mobatec modeller has an excel interface, which allows you to send the model variables directly to/from excel while model is running and make 2D & 3D dynamic plots, change the model parameters and observe the effect to the solutions in a dynamic manner. You can even change the spatial step size dynamically and observe how the reactor length or a catalyst pellet diameter affects the reactor performance!
Mixed Lumped / Distributed models

All systems are ODE’s