Immersive Training Simulator


Our partner Kairos3D developed Gilgamesh which is a software platform for immersive training simulations through virtual reality and real-time interactive 3D simulation. The software is intended for industrial environments where operators have to execute well-defined procedures (for example refineries, petrochemical plants, power plants, machinery…). It is directed to manufacturers as well as engineering companies, maintenance contractors and training consultants. It reproduces a realistic and interactive environment where plant elements react to user actions in a realistic way. Advanced elements like visual effects and item-specific sounds and noises help reproducing the actual environment, to ensure the user actions are as close as possible to the ones he would have on a real plant.
Mobatec Modeller is an equation based modelling tool, and together with its thermodynamic species data sets can be used to model virtually any existing or novel process in the entire process industry. Equation based modelling allows custom tailored models of any phenomena’s or processes. Mobatec Modeller advanced dynamic model development & simulation environment will provide enough resources to build your modelling infrastructure and get the most out of your models. The benefit of fast model creation and easy coupling to other software allows you to create your own Immersive Training Simulator. Our team of qualified and experienced experts is standing by to create a detailed model for your training purposes.
Industrial Furnace
Upstream 3 Phase Separator
3 Phase Separator with Boot