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Mobatec Modeller is a user-friendly, computer-aided modelling tool to interactively define and modify models of any size. It is an answer to the increasing need for process models of different accuracy and with different focus on details. Rapid construction, modification, validation and maintenance of consistent, high fidelity, first principle based process models is supported with Mobatec Modeller.

Mobatec Modeller combines two approaches to modelling: equation based modelling and flowsheeting, into one modelling environment making it an advanced modelling platform. Equation based (white box) modelling is flexible, as users can create custom tailored models to their own needs resulting in a high fidelity simulations. Conventionally equation based modellers require a programming language, used by the user to transform (code) the model equations into lots of lines of code in order for solver to solve the model. This codes are not transparent, and even experienced users need time to use, modify or improve existing models. With Mobatec Modeller no knowledge of code (programming) is required, equations are written almost as on paper and the code is generated automatically by the software! Mobatec Modeller model is probably best described as equation based flowsheet, transparent for any user and yet flexible and easy to customize.


Mobatec Modeller advanced modelling platform supports:

  • Equation based modelling
  • Drag & Drop flow sheet building
  • No programming needed (equations are written almost as on paper)
  • Equation topology – ensures model high transparency & easy handling
  • Degrees of Freedom automatic check, indication & assistance
  • Manual model initialization – always ensures a good starting point
  • Automatic Mass & Energy Balances generation
  • Custom unit model icons, easy to add & change

Bellow are some of the areas where Mobatec Modeller is mostly applied but be the first to apply it anywhere else!

Heat and Mass Transfer

  • Vapour/Liquid interface
  • Transfer from bulk fluid to particles
  • Adsorption on catalyst surface
  • Multi-phase interactions
  • Evaporation


Reactor modelling

  • Homogeneous systems
  • Heterogeneous systems

Distillation (reactive)




Mobatec Modeller advanced simulation environment supports:

  • Steady-State & Dynamic Simulations
  • Steady-State / Dynamic simulation switch – click of a button!
  • Real Time or Accelerated Dynamic Simulation
  • Fixed & Adaptive time steps
  • Run Time Environment Simulations (model is locked)
  • Partial model compilation & run (faster convergence)
  • Run Scripts
  • Run Scenarios
  • Run Sequences
  • Make model “Snapshots” & “Backtrack Snapshots”
  • “Good solution” download to initial state – click of a button!
  • Set up Controllers automatically (Control)
  • Optimize your parameter values (Optimization)
  • Turn off equations or parts of the model without recompiling
  • Coupling to any DCS vendor
  • Dynamic plotting
  • OPC
  • Easy export of the model to other modelling software.
Thermodynamics database

Species thermodynamic data sets are of vital importance when it comes to trustworthy simulation results on which decisions are based. Mobatec Modeller database holds more than 2000 species. Most widely used physical property methods are embedded and can be used for calculation of species Fugacity Coefficients, Molar Enthalpy & Molar Volume (pure components or mixtures):

  • Ideal
  • Peng Robinson
  • Wilson
  • Soave Redlich Kwong
  • Lee
  • Redlich Kwong
  • Lee Kessler
  • Steam
  • USER defined

Beyond this Mobatec Modeller allows users to use their own thermodynamics data sets or simply edit the existing interaction parameters.

Numerical Mathematics

Mobatec LauTrane Solver (Laurens Translator and Equation solver) is a computer program for the development of mathematical models and is mainly used for chemical process industry. The package, however, is universally applicable for the simultaneous solution of sets of algebraic and differential equations, which means that the package is suitable for as well steady state as dynamic simulation. Mobatec LauTrane Solver is fully integrated into the Simulation Environment of our Mobatec Modeller.

Main Features

  • Parameter Estimation and Data Reconciliation
  • Simultaneous solver technique with the possibility to switch at runtime between equations: for example dependent on process conditions or changing the number of segments, trays etc
  • The efficient adaptive stepsize (eventually combined with steady state controllers) enables a fast way to find steady state solutions with a dynamic model
  • Due to the used mathematical method there is no need to scale equations (often a terrifying job for the model engineer with some other simulator packages)
  • Lautrane has a very robust parameter estimation technique, suitable for fitting steady state model solutions and for fitting time curves
  • Combined data reconciliation and parameter estimation is also possible
  • In the thermodynamic library a robust driver for the PCSAFT equation of state is implemented (important for polymer systems)
  • At runtime a MS Excel user interface is available to visualize the simulation
  • Lautrane is also available in the Simulation Environment of Mobatec Modeller, both as Built-In Interpreter version or as stand-alone compiled version. The latter delivers faster running code but requires a Fortran or C compiler.

Some Example Library Models

In this section you can see some of the library model examples. Model library contains all the common unit operations for chemical industry – for example: reactors, vessels, pumps and compressors, heat exchangers and separators, as well as defined phase lines, battery limits, mixers, splitters and buffers. All the models are equation based models, already well posed so that you can use them instantly for building your own models. Also, the library models can be easily customized to best describe specific unit operations. If there is a need for custom model libraries where specific process (field) is targeted, our team of engineers will deliver it to you in the shortest period of time.

Pumps & Compressors
Heat Transfer Equipment
Mixers, Splitters & Buffers
Battery Limits
Liquid Lines
Gas Lines
Other lines
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