Process description:

This flow diagram corresponds to the emergency section of a chemical process. For safety reasons, any relief due to high pressure in the reactor system discharges to this scrubbing section before releasing to atmosphere.
Traditionally the scrubbers have been designed based on a mass balance / steady state flow and assuming that the scrubber reaches a steady state condition.


The objective of this project was to create a dynamic model of this process section in order to simulate a full emergency scenario. The results from this model would be the basis for recommending the most effective way to allow the chemical plant to run at higher rates without overloading the scrubber system.

Advantages of using Mobatec Modeller:

1. Mobatec Modeller enables you to build the physical topology very quickly with it’s user friendly interfaces.

2. Building column trays with Mobatec Modeller is easy and quick because of its Repetitive Structure feature.

3. Automated generation of Mass and Energy balance eliminates the possibility of errors in balance equations.

4. Base equation objects enables changing equations in multiple places just by click of a button.

5. Impress your managers with fully customizable icons and value displays and enable them to see the power of modelling through engineers eyes with high fidelity real time simulations.

6. Mobatec Modeller makes the code so no programming skills are needed from the user.

7. Mobatec Modeller is compatible with other software, easy export function to any other modelling environment.

8. Built in Thermodynamics calculations.

scrubber example image