Take control of Your plants Field Operations.

MobaTAGnology is a simple, low cost and multipurpose solution which gives manual hand valves the ability to comunicate their position with the Distributed Control System (DCS).
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Industry Problem
An average sized plant has 10.000 hand valves with no feedback to the control system. Making operation mistakes due to wrong or unknown valve positions can result in:

  • Production Losses

  • Plant Accidents

  • Product Contaminations

  • Expensive Equipment breakdowns

  • Production stops

  • Environmental disasters

Our Solution
MobaTAGnology Smart Tags wirelessly connect hand valves to any distributed control system (DCS). This gives an overview of actual hand valve positions to the control room operator. This reduces errors in operation, increases speed of actions and makes production safer.
The same Tags can be used to train and certify field operators such that smooth operation is always guaranteed. With them field operators can train together with control room operators or independently on a simulator of any brand.
No special infrastructures
Low Cost
No wiring
Intrinsically safe
Simple Hardware
Easily Scalable
No maintenance

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