Some Past Events

Some Past Events


“Real Reality” presentation at 2nd European Oil&Gas Training Simulation Forum

This three day event showcased the latest developments and solutions in Training & Simulation strategies. On this forum/conference/exhibition attendees heard cutting edge presentations from experts representing the Oil and Gas Industry, Training Simulation Vendors, Training & Development Institutes, Research Institutes and Universities. Learn more on this event here.


Free Handbook and Online introduction course!

In order to increase the number of model engineers out there we have decided that each subscriber to our newsletter gets a free copy of Mobatec Modeller including the Handbook and Learning exercises. Whether you are new to mathematical modelling or are looking to switch platforms our Handbook will help you get to know Mobatec Modeller and how modelling is done in our software. The introduction courses are a part of Mobatec Modeller and will help you to get started with our advanced modelling and simulation tool. All exercises will on average take you between 4 to 8 hours to work through. Please contact us ( if you want/need online help from one of our engineers via email, chat and/or online video conferencing, in order to give you the best experience when getting started with our modelling and simulation package.


Introducing Real Reality

Our company OTS (Operator Training Solutions) developed a tool to make it possible to train control room operators together with field operators. While training, the control room operators use an exact copy of the real DCS. Field operators perform the field operations in the field itself, however not on the real equipment, but via an ATEX approved smart device, connected to the OTS. This is so close to reality that our customer Huntsman refers to this as: Real Reality.
To learn more about this feature have look at our promotional video here or visit the OTS website.


Distributed Parameter Systems Solved in Mobatec Modeller!

Finally we bring you a method to solve partial differential equation systems without having to do any coding! By using our discretization methodology you will be truly amazed with the models convergence rate, impressive stability on dynamic changes and advanced 3D dynamic plot interface. Users are already lining up for presentations, schedule yours today!
Modelling distributed parameter systems was never this easy! Use Mobatec Modeller to make custom equation based distributed parameter systems dynamic models. Open and visual modelling architecture of Mobatec Modeller provides you with the tools, to create and control every step of PDE’s solving strategy. Numerical methods used to solve PDE’s are no “black box” in Mobatec Modeller. You have the power to create and physically visualise the numerical method you desire to use. You will always and immediately obtain a well posed PDE problem since you do not have code you equations any more! Write the equations almost as on the paper and just add them to the desired topological part of the model. Your hands are no longer tied together when it comes to model initialization which can turn to be troublesome in the conventional software – model initialization is done manually in Mobatec Modeller and each point of each distributed domain is easy accessible and can be initialised alone, or at the same time as all other points.


A quick look back to 2015.

It’s been quite a year for Mobatec! Successful delivery of the Huntsman MDI-2 simulator and even more successful operator training; projects with Lyondell (both PO-SM and PO-TBA) are running according to plan; constant improvements to our modelling tool is expanding our circle of users; and much more has given us a fruitful 2015!
Hunstman is more than impressed with our simulator and how quickly we can adapt it to their requirements. They already had several training sessions which brought more experience to their operators and made quite some profits by investing in our simulator.
Projects with Lyondell are going according to plan, and we expect soon to deliver the simulator which will be ready for operator training. In 2016. the entire Mobatec team will visit LyondellBasell PO11 plant at Maasvlakte.
We’ve got some nice surprises for Mobatec Modeller users in 2016. Stay tuned!


PPD excursion to HUNTSMAN MDI-2

As a part of the Modelling & Simulation Course (given by Mathieu Westerweele) for the Process and Product Design (PPD) education at the Eindhoven University of Technology, the PPD students visited the HUNTSMAN MDI-2 plant. They also visited the Operator Training Simulator that was recently delivered by Emerson and OTS BV (a company co-founded by Mobatec).
During this visit the students got a tour around the plant by a lead engineer (Jasper M. Ruten) and learned about the production process. After that they were assigned a small control design case and were taking tours (in small groups) on the Operator Training Simulator of the MDI-2 plant. While checking out the simulator, they got a chance to experience and feel what it is like to be an operator. They were operating a small part of the plant on the simulator and got to know with the Distributed Control System (DeltaV interface).
The hands-on sessions on the OTS and the plant visits made it a fun day for all of the students and gave them a feeling on how a modern plant works and deeper knowledge in process control.
Read more about PPD Post-Msc program here.
Mobatec would like to thank Bart van Overbeeke for providing high quality and professional photographs of the excursion.


New version of Mobatec Modeller is out!

A fresh new version of Mobatec is out, if you haven’t subscribed to our newsletter yet, do it here and you will get a free version of our advanced modelling platform and an opportunity to dive into the world of ultimate process models!
We’ve been quite busy with big projects and updating our software and documentation, the result is finally here. As a special, this time we are giving you more material to help you get started with making advanced process models in a very short time.
We are also proud to announce that Mobatec is co-founding and co-running a new company called OTS (Operator Training Solutions). With this company we offer Operator Training simulators, including training programs to (simultaneously) train control-room and outside operators. For more info about the OTS company have a look here.
We’re looking forward to your feedback, such that we can keep improving and can provide you a better and easier to use modelling and simulation environment.
To your success!


Visit at LyondellBasell PO11 plant at Maasvlakte

A delegation of the Mobatec team visited the LyondellBasell PO11 plant, for which we are currently constructing an Operator Training Simulator model. During that visit also a first Model Acceptance Test was performed. This part of the dynamic process model, made with Mobatec Modeller for the PO11 OTS, passed with flying colors 😉
The Mobatec simulation model will be connected to (an exact copy of the) Yokogawa DCS and the safety system is emulated with our TriConex emulator (which is based on the actual TriConex ESD database, ensuring the exact same ESD functionality as in the real plant). The Controlroom hardware panels are visualized on two interactive touch-screen panels (with ExplainMedia technology), which are directly linked to the Mobatec software.
LyondellBasell is no stranger to Mobatec as it is already a proud owner of an Operator Training Simulator designed and built by Mobatec (connected to a Honeywell Experion DCS). LyondellBasell was really happy with the quality and maintainability of their OTS model for the first plant, so they have decided to proceed updating their next plant’s OTS. LyondellBasell has a strong emphasis on safe operations, the new OTS will be able to train operators to control, handle exceptional situations, (partial) shut-down or start-up, etc., so they never “go out of shape” and are ready for any possible scenario. You can read about our important client here.



We proudly announce the release of our revamped website, designed with a fresh new look and user-friendly navigation, updated with the latest information about our products. We hope you will enjoy our new site. If you have any questions, comments or suggestion please send them our way. We hope you take some time to look around, and continue allowing us to keep you up to date on all you need to know about (equation based) modelling.The new webpage is a product of a team effort from Mobatec engineers. With the new webpage comes new downloadable material, put it to use with a new version of unique modelling tool Mobatec Modeller which can be downloaded here.


Mobatec Team at Huntsman MDI-2

Last week Mobatec organized a “get together” in Netherlands, and visit one of their biggest clients, HUNTSMAN. The trip was organized by Miranda Westerweele, with her detailed trip information and organization what would have been a hectic three day trip turned into smooth sailing. Mobatec team even managed to visit STC Group and Operator Training Solutions.

Check out more photos in our gallery.


New version of Mobatec Modeller is here!

Available for download here. We have worked on a large number of various updates to our unique modelling tool, making it more user friendly with new and improved user interface features, state of the art databases, learning modules for beginners, and Run-Time models to show the power of modelling, be impressed!
The Mobatec Modeller comes with a Mobatec Booklet that will help you get started with Mobatec Modeller, guide you through all simulation aspects and will bring the world of modelling to the palm of your hand. It will guide you through a number of exercises which will bring you the experience to build large and complex models yourself, and within less time.

We have also provided some video tutorials on YouTube to help you get started with Mobatec Modeller. Subscribe to our channel and keep up with new tutorials and other videos. If you would like us to cover some topics in a video tutorial please feel free to contact us on or through our contact page.

Go through our Ammonia synthesis model and “feel” the power of Mobatec Modeller. This real time simulation will also help you feel what it is like to be an operator. The model set-up and, together with that, the dynamic changes that are possible even allow users to change the packing type in parts of the reactor. Be impressed!


New project with Lyondellbasell

Mobatec was asked by Lyondellbasell to build an operator training simulator for another plant in the Rotterdam area. The project has now officially started, deadlines have been set, and our team of experienced engineers are now building the model in Mobatec Modeller using the Mobatec Methodology.
LyondellBasell is no stranger to Mobatec, they are already a proud owner of an operator training simulator designed and built by Mobatec. LyondellBasell was really happy with the quality of their operator training simulator for the first plant so they have decided to proceed building their next plant’s OTS. LyondellBasell has a strong emphasis on safe operations, the new OTS will be able to train operators to control, shut-down and start-up so they never “go out of shape” and are ready for any possible scenario. You can
read about our client here.


New version of Mobatec Modeller announced!

We have decided to improve our modelling tool Mobatec Modeller. We are announcing new and improved user interfaces which will make the software even more user friendly which will reduce model developing time and overall effort up to 90%. The countdown has been set. Be the first to try out our unique modelling tool.
We want to do a thorough job, therefore it is not possible to download the demo version. Sorry for the inconvenience, however the launch of the new software edition will be 1st of June 2015. And please note that it’s always possible to send you the existing demo version prior to the launch date. Should that be wanted, just let us know through our contact page or e-mail us on

We are also working on a booklet which will help the new users start with Mobatec Modeller and teach them to build very large and complex models with time to spare. The booklet will be available for anyone who purchases Mobatec Modeller.


Mobatec goes worldwide!

It’s official, Mobatec services and Mobatec Modeller will be available in any corner of the world. For this occasion we will be updating our unique modelling tool and our web page, ammong other things (YouTube tutorials, learning material, databases etc.). To learn more about what services we are offering head over to our expertise page. To learn more about our one of a kind modelling tool Mobatec Modeller head over to our products page.