Mobatec Modeller

Mobatec Modeller is a clear and easy to use software tool that lets model builders construct dynamic (and steady-state) process models of any size in an amazingly short time – from single units to entire processing plants (resulting in more than 50.000 equations). Even beginning users can relatively quickly setup rather complex models that are transparent for others without much documentation.


Why Mobatec Modeller?
  • Construction of large and complex models in short time
  • Easy to learn, clear and simple structural modeling method
  • Connection to DCS vendors

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Mobatec Methodology

The modelling methodology implemented in Mobatec Modeller is based on the hierarchical decomposition of processes (in which material and energy exchange are playing a predominant role during normal operation) into networks of elementary systems and physical connections. The construction of a process model with this methodology consists of the following steps.



In order to bring you closer to the world of modelling we have updated our learning material and revamped it to be easy, transparent and available for everybody. In addition our engineers are ready to fly out to do on site training. Equation based modelling has a very wide advantage over flowsheeting, become a fully fledged model engineer and grasp the power of Mobatec Modeller, the equation based flowsheeter.


Operator Training Simulator

With our high fidelity real-time simulations you will be able to experience your process or plant like the real process. You will gain much more understanding of your process down to its very core and make it more reliable and more profitable. See how your plant reacts to various disturbances with a realistic and reliable dynamic representation of the process and train your operators how to handle dangerous situations and to avoid incidents. Find errors in the design and learn how to stabilize your plant, making it safer to operate.


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