Operator Training Solutions

Increasing Profits and Reducing Risks

Mobatec Operator Training Simulator is an advanced computer-based training tools that helps give operators the skills they need to run a process or plant. These skills make the production more profitable, efficient, safe and with minimal stops.


The built-in optimisation tool will enable you to achieve smooth operation, low costs and higher profits due to the intuitive and simple user interface.


With our high fidelity real-time simulations you will be able to experience your process or plant like the real process. You will gain much more understanding of your process down to its very core and make it more reliable and more profitable.


See how your plant reacts to various disturbances with a realistic and reliable dynamic representation of the process and train your operators how to handle dangerous situations and to avoid incidents.

Unique Buying Arguments

Lower Costs

  • 30% lower initial investment in operator training simulator technique

  • Lower cost of operations: in-home maintenance

  • Precommissioning before start-up

  • Flawless start-up, teething troubles have been eliminated during operator training simulation

Value for Money

  • Training for panel and field operators simultaneously

  • Scenario based training

  • Validated results in assessment

  • Input for certification

  • Process analysis & optimization


  • Shorter lead-times to experienced operators (minimum 1 year sooner)

  • Compatible with all types of DCS / SCADA – supervisory control and data acquisition)

  • Easy to integrate in existing operator training simulators


Operator Training Solutions (by Mobatec) was founded to solve the problems many operating companies have with their Operating Training Simulators. After a while they are not used anymore, because:
1. They don’t reflect the plant anymore

  • New DCS graphics, control etc. are not changed in the Operator Training Simulator

  • Plant modifications are not implemented in the Operator Training Simulator

2. They are not needed for operator certification
3. Operator Training programs are not challenging


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