Operator Training Simulators

  • Dynamic Process Model connected to an exact copy of the DCS of Your plant

  • High Fidelity Tailor Made Operator Training Simulators

  • ESD Emulations

  • Push Button Panel Emulations

  • “Real Reality” Field Operator Training

  • Immersive 3D Field Operator Training

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With our high fidelity real-time simulations you will be able to experience your process or plant like the real process. You will gain much more understanding of your process down to its very core and make it more reliable and more profitable. See how your plant reacts to various disturbances with a realistic and reliable dynamic representation of the process and train your operators how to handle dangerous situations and to avoid incidents.

Simulator Elements

Distributed Control System
An exact copy of an existing DCS in your plant. Our system is flexible and therefore it is able to connect to any DCS software (e.g. Emerson DeltaV, Yokogawa Centum CS 3000, Honeywell Experion, Schneider Electric Foxboro, Siemens PCS7, etc.) making the training life like experience for operators. An Operator Training Solutions simulator is a tailor-made design to be identical to the real plant.

Push Button Panel
A touchscreen action panel that is also an exact copy of the one in the real plant. Pulse button, latch button, rotating switch… Anything can be a part of the simulated action panels which is created from pictures of the existing panels.

Instructor Panel
Instructor panel is built in Mobatec Modeller and it represents the dynamic process model itself. The panel can be built to any requirments (P&ID like, DCS like etc) and can include buttons that can assist the instructor to run specific Scenarios or Sequences, displays and plots which can assist in tracking the operator activity during training.

Real or Virtual Plant
While training, the control room operators use an exact copy of the real DCS. Field operators perform the field operations in the field itself, however not on the real equipment, but via an ATEX approved smart devise, connected to the Operator Training Simulator. This is so close to reality that our customers refers to this as: “Real Reality”.