With Mobatec’s Complete Operator Training Simulator Solutions you will be able to train your entire operating crew. They will gain experience in handling incidents and will prepare them for any given situation, thus diminishing the amount and severity of upsets.

Mobatec Operator Training Solutions developed a tool to make it possible to train control room operators together with field operators. While training, the control room operators use an exact copy of the real DCS. Field operators perform the field operations in the field itself, however not on the real equipment, but via an ATEX approved smart device, connected to the Operator Training Simulator. This is so close to reality that our customers refer to this as: Real Reality.
Field Operator Training Simulator
Control Room Operator in Field Operator Training
Gaining experience in handling incidents will prepare the operating team for any given situation, thus diminishing the amount and severity of upsets. Operator training can be based on various scenarios, both stand-alone and assisted by a trainer. Our training facilities comprise all aspects: from start-up to shutdown on any required level and checks and assures competences on the job. Both individual performances and team efforts and results can be acted upon.
Depending on the capacity of our customers, we will offer you a full ‘train the trainer’ program. If need be, we will make a full training staff available, for any necessary period of time. Whether you choose full training or ‘train the trainer’ programmes, all Mobatec Operator Training Solutions trainers are experienced shift supervisors in the petrochemical industry and are fully skilled in teaching and learning environments.
Operator Training Simulator Session
The Field Operator Module can also be used without a Training Simulator for learning the setup of the plant (new operators) and making the right line ups. Especially in situations where the knowledge of the field operator is critical like the setup of manifolds and product movement operations. Small mistakes can lead to high costs especially in tank farms where contamination is always a serious thread.
The Field Operator Module can also be used in operations to check and register the position of valves. This makes it possible to check if the field operator has set the valves in the right position according the procedures e.g. before starting up a plant or a unit. This simple layer of control improves significantly the reliability and process safety. The incidents mentioned earlier would probably not have happened if this protection layer would have been in place.