Field Operator Training Simulator

Communication between Control Room Operator and Field Operator is crucial and needs to be trained as well. With Mobatec Field Operator Training module you will be able to train Field Operators together with control room operators or independently.

The performance of normal operation of a plant (including start-up and shutdown) as well as handling of incidents depends not only on the performance of the control room operator. Also the performance of the field operator and more importantly communication and cooperation between all operators involved is crucial. If only control room operators are trained a crucial aspect is missing.
By adding our Field Operator Module to an Operator Training Simulator, the field operator can be involved in training as well. Still the traditional approach remains possible in case field operators are not available or are not needed for the training: the field operator actions are then handled by an instructor on the instructor panel. The Field Operator Module can also be used if control room operators are not available, this is stand alone field operator training.
If the field operator is involved in operator training he is equipped with an ATEX approved wireless field device when going into the plant. With this device he scans a tag near the equipment that he is asked to operate by the Control Room Operator. On the screen of the device a photo or text appears of the switch, valve, gauge etc.
Instead of operating the real equipment in the plant he performs the operation on the device. The device communicates wirelessly with the Operating Training Simulator and the Control Room Operator will notice the effect of the field operation as he would in a real plant.

Advantage of this approach: the operator crew is working together as it normally does, including radio communication with the real background noises, walking distances and time. Also misoperations are possible, e.g. operating the wrong valve, pump switch, reading the wrong gauge.

In fact, the only difference between real plant operation and simulation is that the field operator does not need to operate the equipment physically, but on a touch screen at the place of the equipment in the field (and of course no production loss after misoperations).

The Field Operator Module of mobatec can be coupled to both to the Operating Training Simulator of as well as to the Operating Training Simulator of other brands.

Now, not only Control Room Operators can be assessed, but also Field Operators and team work.

The investment cost of involving field operators in training with an operator training simulator is roughly 20% of the costs of a HiFi operator training simulator of the plant. The leverage: for an additional 20% three times as many operators can be trained (assuming the amount of field operators is twice of that of control room operators). More importantly: the whole crew/shift will be trained, needed to cope with abnormal situations and incidents but also for rare standard operations as start-up and shut down. The order of magnitude of the cost is (much) less than one day of production loss.